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Frequently Asked Questions
How do I withdrawal?

Go to the withdrawal page from your account page, and request a withdrawal, you will be manually sent payment to your Bitcoin address in 24 hours of the withdrawl request. Bitcoin is sent at the current market value at time of sending, not at time of request.


Minimum payout is $1.50

My balance says $3.25 what does that mean?
You currently have $3.25 USD, your balance is stored in USD not bitcoin. You are paid in bitcoin at current market value of Bitcoin to USD at time of payment being sent.
How is market value of bitcoin calculated?
Value of Bitcoin is gathered from bitstamp.
Help! An offer did not credit me, can I get support?
Sadly there is nothing I can do. If you do not earn from an offer I do not either so I cannot credit you, however that also means that any bad offers affect me as much as they do you. When you waste 15 minutes on an offer, that is 15 minutes of earnings we are BOTH missing out on.

I choose Matomy because they are very good with support. Every offer you do is logged in the offerwall and you can get support for each individual offer if you click "Check offer status" on the top right of the offerwall box.

Be sure to take screenshots proving you complete an offer and save them in a folder in case you need them, and should an issue ever come up Matomy is more then happy to credit you if you have that screenshot, as they can use it to prove you did the offer, charge the money from the advertiser, then Matomy profit's, you profit, and I profit.
How many Rented Referrals can I have?
The limit for standard members is 1500, and unlimited for Premium Members.
What are Credits?

Credits are basically views, however not neccecarrily.

So for example when a user buys 500 Paid To Click Ads Credits, they can get 500 views at the lowest pay, but we have different pay amounts for members. So they can get 500 views and pay members 0.001 to view, or get 50 views and pay 0.01, or 5 views and pay 0.1 to members to click it.

It isn't quite the same with the other credits though.

The banner ad credits are always one to one. 10000 credits is 10000 banner page views.

The paid to sign up offers work as 1 credit = 25 cent payment to a member, an advertiser can pay a member 1 dollar to complete their offer but it takes 4 credits rather than the 1 credit if they paid the member 25 cents to complete their offer.

Where does the Bitcoin go when the user withdraws?

Bitcoin can be stored on various wallet software or websites that handle the wallet software for you. Programs such as BitcoinQT allow you to host a wallet on your own computer, and store your Bitcoin there.

You may also store your bitcoin on an online wallet, such as coinbase.com

When a user requests withdrawal from www.bittoclick.com, their balance is converted from USD to Bitcoin and sent to the Bitcoin Address they have set in their account. A Bitcoin Address is a unique public string that allows funds to be sent to your bitcoin wallet.

How do PTSU offers work?

You must apply PTSU credits to an advertisement manually after creating the advertisement.

The credits are not applied automatically and are in your account and must be applied to the PTSU advertisement after I approve it.

When a user completes it they fill out the information you should request in the PTSU offer, and you can manually approve or deny them based on if they completed the criteria. If you deny them due to not completing the criteria mentioned then you are refunded the credits from their attempt on the offer.

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