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New Payout Minimum and Contest Winners
Published on 10-05-2017

Dear Members,

Minimum Payout Increased

Due to the increase in the price of BTC and the corresponding increase in fees we've had to increase our minimum payout to $1.00.  It will increase again to our normal limit of $1.50 on May 30th.

Contest Winners

We just awarded $15 and two premium memberships in our first contest since relaunch.  There is a new contest available and our Heads and Tails contest is still there waiting to be won.  Enjoy!


May News - Contests & New Advertising Rates
Published on 03-05-2017

New Advertising Rates

New advertising rates, 33% cheaper, have been installed today, making us among the CHEAPEST advertisers in the bitcoin space.  Consider advertising your casino, ptc, bitcoin, and HYIP referral links here.  

Referring us advertisers also gives you a chance to win big in our contests.



Our re-opening contests, with big prizes, close May 10th.  Check them out today.


Crack the Vault Prize at $50+

Our crack the vault prize has been moved to $50+.  Heads or Tails has a current contest that will pay up to $10 with ease - try it today!


Minimum withdrawal lowered to $0.25 until the end of May

Place your withdrawal request today! Please note that we will be waiting for several withdrawals to send out at once, to avoid unnecessary fees on our end sending payments. Payment may take up to a maximum of 48 hours as we wait several withdrawal requests.

*Normal wait time is up to 24 hours for withdrawals, and normal minimum withdrawal is $1.50

Bitcoin Deposit is now working
Published on 04-04-2017

You can now instantly deposit bitcoin into the site using Coinbase, or wait for 1 network confirmation using any other wallet. Click here to access the add Funds page to do so.

We also currently have 4 contests running in our forums, that are very easy to participate in and win! Find out more by clicking here or visiting our forums.

Site is relaunched!
Published on 01-04-2017

Bittoclick.com would like to announce that we are once again up, running, and open for business under new leadership!

Site update 5.1
Published on 23-08-2014

Bittoclick.com has been updated to version 5.1 

[*] Protection of files linked with member area.

[*] Bitcoin was added using BlockChain.

[*] Signup bonus was added.

[*] Other minors errors were fixed.

[*] SuperSonicAds was added.

[*] We now have an app on the Android Marketplace 

Affiliate Program

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