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How I Earned 300% in 10 weeks

Started by siteowner 2017-04-01 at 11:55
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Dear Bittoclick Members,

I will earn nothing from telling you about this - but tell you I will.

The man behind Blue Magic Capital is a genius. He has put together three funds and if you see their performance since January 1st you will note that they have all returned 300 - 500%.

I can confirm this is true - I started following his movements in mid-February and took advantage of the alt currency boom which followed the BTC hedge fund denial.

Please take a look at this website: www.bluemagic.info

Have you had any success in alt currencies that you want to share?
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Yes I have many success with trading BTC.

First off, I trade with eToro BTC. In open an account with them about 2 years ago and I trade BTC hard in that site. And I have made a lot of BTC that I trade also with my bank BTC. I think my bank hates me lol. But, as long as I am making money from my investments my bank can go kiss my you know what. LOL

I am waiting till ether become tradable with eToro, so I can do the same with my bank once I exchange it into BTC. My bank can't even charge me fees anymore due to passing the minimum balance. LOL. That is why I think they hate me. Like I said they can go kiss my you know what.

The government also sent me a letter stating that I must pay taxes on those BTC that I am earning. My response I sure will once I make it an income. So far its compounding in my bank accounts. And when I retire at the age of 55, I will slowly pull it out the same way as an income at work. That way I know how much taxes I need to pay and the government and banks can't screw with me.

Love messing with the governments and bankers heads. The way I beat the capital gains tax is once I reach a certain limit I transfer it into my mutual fund that is a RRSP haven. I can't get taxed until I start to pull it out. Because when I start to pull it out it becomes an income, and that's when the government screws with your cash.

When you make good amounts of money like this, its good to have a real good accountant to help you with ways to avoid paying tax on your capital gains. He has to help you with which investment vehicles that can do this. FU bankers and governments.

Hope this helps you guys who are making good money with whatever investments you do in your life. Beat the government and bankers. By the way, government only found out about my earning due to the bank. I guess they thought they would be rewarded for ratting me out on legit income earning. And all they got was a thumb to suck on. LOL.
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Hi Cpt Silva,

It seems like you will have a lot to share with our Bittoclick community. You might also want to leverage our members for referrals to your favourite sites and use our affiliate program (check it out on your 'my account' page).

I enjoyed your posts - please tell us more here in the forum on how to earn with BTC and alt crypto currencies.

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